Saturday, September 12, 2009


I know I have neglected the blog and despite promising myself as a new years resolution that I would keep up with it I fell off the bandwagon. In my defence, okay I don't have one, forgive?

I do really want to be committed to blogging so I might need a little help, if you notice no new posts just send a gentle reminder? The business has been growing over the summer and I am so happy to be meeting so many new fresh faces, and happily I would like to announce there are only 2 dates remaining for sessions this year.

If you might be interested in one the two dates are:

November 17, 2009.
December 9, 2009.

I wanted to update you with some of the weddings over the past summer and show you simply what a great summer we have had here at Amanda Lazarski Photography.

Here are some images I captured:

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